The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

Science confirms many of our hunches about the benefits of play for preschoolers. Playful action seems to have positive effects on the brain and on a preschooler’s ability to learn. Play act as a essential mode for learning.

Marion Diamond conducted animal experiments on the importance of play. The paper states that play enhances memory and spurs the growth of the cerebral cortex.

When researchers analysed the rats’ brains, they found that the “enriched” rats had thicker cerebral cortices than did the “impoverished” rats (Diamond et al 1964). Following research verified the results—rats raised in stimulating environments had larger brains.

Humane considerations hinder us from conducting similar experiments on kids. However, it appears likely that human brains respond to play and exploration in comparable ways.

Numerous experimental studies reveal that school kids pay more attention to academics after they have had their recess or unstructured break in which kids are free to play without direction from adults.

This is what makes The Umonics Method (Memory enrichment program for preschoolers) so unique. One would expect a child to be sitting down quietly to memorise, but this is not the case for preschoolers. As an adult, we need quite in order to memorise facts. However, for preschoolers, the complete opposite is exact. The more noise, fun, movement, the better they can encode information. 

Studies also reveal a link between play and the improvement of language skills. Psychologist Edward Fisher examined 46 published research studies of the cognitive gains of play. He found that “sociodramatic play”—what occurs when kids pretend together—”results in enhanced performances in both cognitive-linguistic and social effective areas.”

Giving preschoolers play-breaks and making their academic lessons more playful is not mere sugar-coating. It might be a method to enhance preschooler’s natural capacities for intense, self-motivated learning.

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