Polish Your Shooting Skills in Basketball

As with most games, the idea is to score as many points as possible to seal a win. The same applies to the game of basketball, the more shots made the higher the score, thus establishing the win.

Practice Your Shot

When it comes to scoring points in basketball, the shooting skills of the team are of prime importance. Without mastering this, it will be very difficult indeed to score any points and certainly impossible to beat the opposing side. The following are some tips on how to polish up on your shooting skills that are so pivotal to the game:

  • Confidence is the first and most important element to be present in the shooter to ensure good and confident skills are displayed. This can only be achieved by a lot of practice, until the shooting skill becomes almost second nature to the individual and thus the ability to score shots will be accepted as a norm.
  • Using the biggest muscles, which are the leg muscles, to power the shot is also something to be mastered. As the jump is executed, the power it generates in the liftoff motion will give the individual the shooting motion which is evident in releasing of the ball at the peak of the jump.
  • Ensuring proper ball flight control is another important skill to master. Keeping your eye on the rim of the net, the individual should be able to hold the release long enough to provide proper rotation on the ball for the shot to be well executed. An automatic and predictable release and follow through will make all the shots easier and give the individual more control over the shot made.
  • The ideal shooting range is also to be mastered to a comfortable one, thus ensuring the success rate of the individual, making the shot from this range a definite score.

All You Need To Know About Offense

There are several types of offensive positions that if mastered will bring the game into the favor of your team. By mastering these tactics, the team will be able to make play sequences to ensure better and more effective control and possession of the ball.

Your Guide To Offense

The following are some of the offensive positions that are worth looking into:

  • Early offense – this would ideally depend on quick and wide lane releases, inbound passes and pass advances to reach the offensive operating areas before all of the defenders can retreat to the front court area.
  • Set offense – set play is the most common scale of the game used. Here, team work and screening actions are created to ensure good and effective shots. These set plays are usually mastered beforehand and are implemented as and when the coach initiates a signal to use them.
  • Motion offense – being able to play together as a team in every sense possible is very important to ensure the final results are goals scored. The positioning and the attitude of the players has to well coordinate, and everyone is committed to making the shot. There should be consistent plays to attack the defense while still being able to retain control of the ball and make scores.
  • Zone offense – having this in every level of the game is very important as it requires the defenses on the ball movement and total team effort compared to other movements where the individual’s effort have been of paramount concern.